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Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling

Helping clients navigate our modern digital lifestyles or historically traumatic events through re-connecting with ourselves and others

Integrative, holistic psychotherapy - working with an open curiosity on thought patterns and feelings whilst focusing in tandem on positive resources to support you through the process of change.

Your emotions may include feeling disconnected, lonely, isolated or simply unable to connect in a consistent way.

If you have a second layer, this may involve anxieties, compulsive behaviours, depression or other symptoms that you are less than happy with.

We work within an ongoing process that supports you re-connecting to both yourself and then significant others in your life.

Feelings of overwhelm such as being stuck are at times common and can lead us to contract and pull away from those around us. We then find it increasingly difficult to relax and just be ourselves.

In order to address this, the therapy that we do together involves regularly refocusing back to the body and the here and now.
Our belief is that continued disconnection is what causes and maintains our symptoms.
When we address this disconnection, we believe that we address the symptoms.

In addition to our specialist areas, we understand and have experience with a wide range of issues and life stages.

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