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Therapy , Counselling and Neurofeedback

I am a registered and fully qualified counsellor / psychotherapist and neurofeedback provider with extensive experience in the field. I am offering sessions worldwide via Skype as well as one to one in South West London.

I work with clients who would like to take a more conscious, bodymind approach. The work is still primarily a talking therapy, but with a focus on our central nervous system, how our stories play out in our physicality and how we can work towards a sense of embodied safety and balance, dealing with historical issues, modern living and achieving our potential

Biofeedback for the brain is called neurofeedback and Neuroptimal's holistic approach is considered by many to be one of the safest systems in the world.
Clients use Neuroptimal's neurofeedback when they are wanting to compliment their therapy or counselling and it can work very well in this way. I am fully certified with Neuroptimal to offer this non intrusive, holistic piece of transformative technology.

I am able to support you at your own pace with integrating any changes or shifts in your perceptions and experiences. For many clients, a mix of therapy with neurofeedback is preferable to many months if not years of therapy alone or pharmaceuticals (which are often associated with numerous side effects as well as decreasing effectiveness over time)

Psychotherapy, counselling and neurofeedback actually address causes rather than symptoms.
I am available to discuss either Psychotherapy, counselling or neurofeedback as a way forward for you. Do please reach out for a return call at your convenience.
Alternatively, send over your availability if you know already that you would like to book something in

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