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We offer Neuroptimal neurofeedback by a certified Zengar Neuroptimal instructor (Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback for the brain) on behalf of the Zenger Institute

This particular form of neurofeedback is not presented as a treatment but a training built on the idea that our brains naturally work towards balance and have an innate drive towards self regulation.
This system measures the electrical activity of your brain over 300 times per second. This information is then fed back to your brain and the brain reorganises itself where necessary.

Your brain training sessions will be unique and holistic to your particular brain patterns and the training does not rely on an external practitioner making decisions on which of your brain waves to 'work with' .

This for me, is an important attribute of the Neuroptimal neurofeedback system. It means the treatment is holistic, despite using sensors and wires.

I am a fully qualified and accredited psychotherapist, a certified Neuroptimal trainer and a qualified teacher. There will therefore be various ways in which we will incorporate support as part of your Neurofeedback journey

Some suggestions for Neuroptimal's uses:

Wellness enhancement
Stress reduction
Facilitate return of veterans into home and work life
Academic and job enhancement
Athletic and sports training
Optimizing your intelligence with improved brain function
Preparation for testing: improved focus, attention and retention, reduction of test anxiety
As part of an anti-aging program
Enhancing creativity and awareness
Personal and spiritual development
Enriching partner, family and work relationships

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